The Fire Safety Rating Scheme

Keeping you compliant


The process is really simple – see below for our step-by-step guide:

1 - Sign up

You can visit our website,, when it is convenient to you. Here is where you can gain access to your questionnaire by clicking ‘sign up now’

2 - Questionnaire

Select the questionnaire for your specific property type and answer the questions. It’s really important that you complete this as accurately and honestly as possible.

3 - Evidence

You may be asked to send us evidence to support your answers. For example if you tell us that you have had something serviced, we may ask to see proof of this work.

4 - Assessment

Our team of fire safety experts will review the information that you have provided to assess exactly how safe your property is. We don’t rely on technology to do this, your safety is too important.

5 - Results

We will contact you within 2 working days to let you know your results and provide you with your certification. If you’re not quite 5/5, we can advise on improvements you can make.


After your self-assessment has been reviewed by one of specialist fire assessment team, you will be provided with your Fire Safety Rating, which will be a score out of 5. If your score isn’t quite what you’ve hoped for, we can offer an array of services to support you in achieving the ultimate 5/5 standard. What’s more, if you use these services, we will re-run your assessment free of charge.

In your pack, you will not only receive your certificate, but also a Fire Safety Guide full of hints and tips, a sticker to proudly display to show visitors to your building that you’re compliant and we will also give you access to a digital fire safety log.

Join the Fire Safety Rating Scheme and


We are experts in fire safety and can support you in ensuring that your property is achieving the standards that are required to keep your employees, buildings and business safe.

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